Endless Paper

Infinite canvas to grow ideas


Introducing Endless Paper, an all-new kind of app featuringan infinite canvas which lets you take handwritten notes, create immersive art pieces, explore and grow ideas visually, and so much more…

Deliberately simple yet powerful, incredibly fast, Endless Paper is as natural to use as pen & paper without the limitations of physical media.

Whether you are a student taking notes, an artist wanting to explore uncharted territories, or a manager brainstorming on your next project, Endless Paper is a versatile tool to help you think and communicate visually.

Drawn by infinite

If you've been itching to know the techniques employed in creating the fascinatinginfinite zoom videos that are trending on social media, your search is over. Endless Paper's infinite canvas challenges you to think beyond isolated artworks, empowering you to weave an expansive tapestry of interconnected stories told in a new long-form format that extends beyond panels.

For the first time ever, artists have the ability to accumulate a lifetime's worth of creations into one cohesive masterpiece. It liberates you from the constraints of traditional media, while still delivering a drawing and painting experience that closely resembles traditional methods.

Canvases accumulating years’ worth of drawings and notes will open instantly. No sweat. It all participates in an almost unreal, magical experience.

preview of an infinite zooming art piece

The Best Whiteboard

Have you ever started sketching an idea only to find out you won't have enough room to finish? Problem solved.

But here's the secret perk: Endless Paper let's youorganize your content spatially. Everything in its right place. You can focus on the minute details of your project and quickly step back to see the big picture. It gives a sense of place to your work without artificial separation between documents. Every capability available at the document level seamlessly extends to any level. It all just works in a surprisingly consistent way.


Handwritten notes

Start writing, we take care of the rest. Endless Paper automatically saveyour progress in the background. You will never have to manage files or documents. Endless Paper is ready when you are. You don't have to create a new document, to choose a document size, to decide beforehand where to store it. Endless Paper is much more malleable. The app leverages the fact that the iPad is ideallysuited for 2D space navigation.Simply pinch to zoom and pan around to navigate efficiently and start writing. Instead of relying on documents & files, you organise your content spatially. This not only provide great consistency to the experience, it also mirror the way your brain works. Think about it. From your office to your kitchen, most things around you are organised spatially. In Endless Paper, there is no artificial separation between editing and document management. Everything just works the same way at every scale and level.


Worth a thousand words

Import images directly onto your canvas.
Make your notes come alive. Illustrate. Collect ideas in mood boards. Take pictures and pin them.
Import study material, stickies, or that paper template you rely on.
Endless Paper support drag & drop from Photos, Files, Safari...just about any app really.
And to make it even more convienient when looking for inspiration, we added custom support for drag & drop right from the result page of Google Images.


Deceptively simple, Incredibly powerful

Endless Paper is designed to be natural to use. But this is no purposeless minimalism. Interactions are as simple as possible in order to minimize errors & cognitive load.
This lets youdedicate 100% of your brainto the task at hand. Interactions feel second nature, especially important in stressful situations or when you hand over your iPad to someone who has never used the App before.
And in case you made a mistake, you have unlimited undo & redo and everything saves automatically.

Designed for iPad & Apple Pencil

The tailor-made Fractile vector rendering engine delivers unparalleled level of performance: Whenever you are panning, zooming or writing, you always get ultra-crisp, retina quality, vector rendering at a silky smooth 120fps, even with millions of strokes simultaneously on screen.

endless paper logo with a headset and flashing light Contact Us

If you have any suggestions or need help with anything, please feel free to email us at support@endlesspaper.app